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My Journey in a Movement of Making DisciplesThe Story of David Watson
David Watson participated in the revitalization of sixty four movements of church planting in the most inaccessible countries of the world. He coached leaders who saw more than 100,000 planted churches, resulting in more than 4 million new, baptized believers.

Chaos is an opportunity to share the gospel. The key ways to evangelize:

1) To love people. 
2) To show why we love them.

I grew up in a traditional Baptist church. At that time, I was not completely dedicated to believers. I wanted to be an engineer or a military man,  but God had a different plan.  I got married and my wife and I have already been together forty-three years. We have lived in thirty-nine houses in five countries and in seventeen cities. I graduated from two biblical seminaries. I learned all the methods of evangelism known at the time. In turn, I tried to teach this to others. We started five churches in North America. When we realized that the Lord was sending us overseas, we went to southern China, and had fresh experience there. Then we moved to Malaysia and saw helped start seventeen churches.

After that, in our mission, they decided to send us to where the missionaries who had been sent for twenty-five years had been killed. I moved with my wife and two children to India to Puri province, where Hinduism was very strong. It is the place where Hinduism and Buddhism spread throughout the world.- a very conservative area where everything is opposed to new ideas coming from outside. It was Puri which stopped the spread of Islam to the south of India. I formed a team there, but in a year and a half six members of the team were killed, and we were driven out of the country.

We moved to Singapore and for several months I prayed and told God that I do not want to do this anymore and do not want to be a missionary. Lord let me go and do my thing. I did everything I knew, and I failed. God answered, "No, I want you to do this. I said, "I will read Your Word, show me in Your Word  how to make disciples?" I read the Bible almost six times; the scripture began to open and I saw something that I had not seen before. One place that was especially opened was John 6: 43-45. Jesus answered and said to them, "Do not murmur among yourselves." No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; And I will raise him up at the last day. The prophets write: and all will be taught by God. Everyone who has heard from the Father and has learned, comes to Me. No one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him. -”Oh God, but I should draw people to You.” -No, it's not your job, it's Mine. People will be taught by God. Everyone who hears from the Father will come to Jesus.

Well, what should I do then? I cannot attract people, so that they are saved. I cannot even teach. The only way they can come to Christ is if they hear and learn from Him. What if we create conditions where people can hear and learn from God?

We returned to India and began talking with people about this. We again started in the area where six people from our team were killed. We began to create conditions and distributed thousands of audio Bibles and explained that people should share what they understood. Only through this, over six hundred churches began. The power of the Word of God touched them.

In the process, God began to teach me that to make disciples is not the learning of any system, but the creation of an enabling environment where people can hear and learn from God. The movement began from 0 to eighty thousand churches and spread throughout the world. Now in sixty-two countries the movement continues. To us it is a movement , if more than 100 churches are planted every year. When we stopped and allowed God to act, it became easy to make disciples.

Ordinary people shared with their relatives and friends, told them what God had shown them and every week started new groups. Seventeen groups formed themselves. Some were baptized even before the formation of the group. People studied the Bible, did what they understood and were baptized. God called them and God saved them. We saw five hundred people in that area baptized.

In one workplace, people were asked to combine all the breaks to make a meeting. They read the Bible, listened to God and asked each other: "How will you apply this in your life." The productivity of the work improved. This firm saw how hundreds of churches began after these meetings.

Elsewhere the churches started right on the train. People go to work two hours and back two hours, every day four hours on the train. The conductor already knows them: "Hello guys, are you going to church again?"

Doing disciples is not what you know or how you can manipulate people; instead is only necessary to create an environment where people can hear God, learn from Him, and put it into practice.

There is anyone who can not do this!

Used with permission: https://druzyamoi.com/about/svidetelstva/

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