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    slide06.jpgLet us begin with a very important fact. The goal of the site is not to criticize traditional or institutional churches. Yes, some of the articles make comparisons and some of the writers do strongly question traditional practices. However, those of us who have created this site did so for several reasons:

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    slide05.jpgYou are church before you do church. This is one of the fueling insights of the missional church movement. This isn't a new idea...but it is pretty provocative, especially when one considers its implications. If we take Jesus at his word when he says (as recorded in John 20:21) "as the Father has sent me, I am sending you," then we realize that our being sent is the basis of our "doing" church. In oth...

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    slide04.jpg Organic Church. I've been using this term for around fifteen years now. Today it's become somewhat of a clay word, being molded and shaped to mean a variety of different things by a variety of different people.

    T. Austin-Sparks is the man who deserves credit for this term. Here's his definition:

Church Planting
Let's Stop Planting Sterile Churches! PDF Print Write e-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 00:00

sledi-velikana.jpg "I have a question I've been wanting to ask you for four years," I said to Charles Brock, author of Practicing Principles of Indigenous Church Planting, when I met in the Philippines a few years ago. "You go into the poor areas of Manila, you plant churches rapidly, they always produce their own leadership, they are never dependent on outside funds and they always reproduce.

"I know two other brothers who plant churches in the same areas and it takes them six or seven years. They are always dependent, they never reproduce and they never can produce their own leadership. They say poverty has destroyed the psyche of the people and they are not leadership quality.

What is Prayer Walking? PDF Print Write e-mail
Thursday, 24 November 2011 18:12

When we started a church in the low income housing projects, the first thing we did was to prepare the ground in prayer.

In Matthew 12, Jesus gives an illustration in his defense against an attack by the Pharisees. They accused him of casting out demons by the power of the devil. He replied, "How can anyone enter the strong man's house and carry off his property unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his goods." (verse 29)

Lessons from Rosa's Story PDF Print Write e-mail
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 06:13

I sometimes think the Lord gave us the experience with Rosa and starting church in the projects because it so closely parallels Luke 10.

In Luke 10:1, Jesus commissions 72 disciples to go ahead of him in pairs to all the towns and places he plans to visit. Jesus had a strategy for the area--the disciples had to listen to his instructions, go where he told them and he would follow.

Jesus told me very specifically which street to walk because he planned to visit Springfield. My job was to hear him and obey.

The ability to hear God's voice  is vital if we are going to be on mission with God. He has plans for the area where you live. As you listen to him, he will give you a place to pray for, or put a person on your heart. Maybe he will say to you, "Get chatting with the person next to you in the grocery line--she needs to hear from me today." Or maybe he will put a people group on your heart--you will find yourself with an unaccountable burden to pray for skateboarders, or students, or the elderly. 

A church is Born in the Projects PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 14 November 2011 06:04

When God answered Rosa's prayers in such a clear way, we asked Rosa:

"Would you be willing to bring together some of your family and friends to hear about this Jesus who has been answering your prayers?"

Rosa jumped at the idea. But that same day, she introduced us to a friend who lived four doors down.

"You'll like her," Rosa told us. "She's a Christian just like you are."

The continuing story of how we started a church in the projects PDF Print Write e-mail
Sunday, 06 November 2011 05:36

A few months later, Tony (my husband) and I happened to be driving along Oltorf Street. We had some time to spare.

"Let's prayer walk Springfield," Tony suggested.

So we parked the car well away from the housing project and walked past the "Loitering is forbidden" sign at the entrance. We prayed as we walked. Suddenly, there was a huge downpour. The heavens just opened.

There was no way we could make it back to the car without getting drenched, so we ran for shelter  under a balcony where there were two middle-aged Hispanic ladies sitting in lawn chairs. As we chatted with them, they asked what we were doing there.

"We're praying for this neighborhood," we said.

How we started a church in low-income housing projects PDF Print Write e-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 00:47

In my normal time with the Lord one morning, Jesus spoke to me--not an audible voice, just that thought from nowhere that I've learned is often the way he speaks to me.

"Walk Oltorf Street," was what he seemed to say.

I would like to tell you that I immediately obeyed him, but that would not be true. It took me about two months, and it was only because a Texan summer was fast approaching that I finally obeyed what I had sensed him say.

Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church Planting Materials PDF Print Write e-mail
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 23:07

Many people are finding the church planting training done by David Watson to be very helpful. We know of several people that have recently began to use these principles and accompanying materials effectively in Russian-speaking countries. You can find the video teachings for this training under the resource section on our site-Video Training

You can also find the written materials and tools that David Watson speaks of under the resource section- E-Books and Other Written Material:
-Discovering Jesus Bible Study
-Discovering God Bible Study
-Obedience Based Discipleship Bible Study ( http://simplechurch.com.ua/en/resursy/e-books-and-other-written-material.html)

Please share your stories, as well as struggles and questions, concerning using this principles with others on the site. Thanks!

Church Planting Movements: Introductory Course Part 1 PDF Print Write e-mail
Thursday, 03 March 2011 01:44


To view this video in English you may go to the following website.


Two obstacles to church planting movements PDF Print Write e-mail
Friday, 04 June 2010 19:02

Two obstacles to church planting 


As I coach church planters all over the world, I get to evaluate a variety of approaches to this difficult task. God has relentlessly brought two facts to my attention—the two main obstacles to church planting movements across our world.

ONE: What we are doing is too complex. Even though we stress to those we train that they must reduce the “heavy package” of ‘Church As We Know It’ to bare New Testament essentials before carrying it to an unreached people group, most church planters are still struggling to strip away the cultural elements that slow or stop reproduction in the new cultural setting.

For example, dispensing with the need for a special “holy” building to meet in on Sundays may be easier than modeling active ministry by every believer. The church planter often does so much of the work himself that the fledgling church sees ministry as something only full time religious professionals can accomplish. The movement is stillborn since “qualified leadership” can never reproduce itself rapidly enough. One thing we really need is a simpler and more Biblical view of what “church” actually means. When I speak of “church” ...I mean the living organism that corporately forms Jesus’ Body and Bride on this planet, not a religious organization. In practical terms: a gathering of any size, committed to one another and to obeying the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been lugging around a model and definition of “church” that is far too complex and encrusted with layers of nonessential, non-Biblical “barnacles.” We need to get radical in simplification.

Какая Церковь Отображает Христа?! PDF Print Write e-mail
Wednesday, 28 April 2010 22:10
There are no translations available.
Why Less is More: Advantages of Simple Churches PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 19 April 2010 19:56

Why Less is More: Advantages of Simple Churches

In our quest to be part of a powerful move of God’s kingdom, we often are tempted to think the solution will come from a complex composite of things that produce the results we so desperately long for. We cry out to the heavens for a solution that will finally change the church forever. Many travel every year to new seminars and conferences, buying the latest books and binders full of new methods in our search for the answer. The primal scream of our hearts is a search for spiritual success that will ultimately change the world. To our query of the universe, Albert Einstein once commented, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.” In this article, we will describe the practical ways our team—Church Multiplication Associates—has used to multiply and network house churches that saturate neighborhoods and nations with the message of Jesus Christ.

Planting Churches: Learning the Hard Way PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 13 April 2009 13:30
Planting Churches: Learning the Hard Way

Church planting is easy!” we thought. Within a few months of landing in a North African city, we already had a group of men and women meeting in our home. Joining that fellowship were some Muslim-background believers who had previously come to faith in the Lord through the testimony of others. We lined our living room with couches, in the local style, served sweet mint tea, and wore djellabas. We hoped a contextualized fellowship could grow into a solid church.

Tim, a seminary graduate, functioned as the pastor, but rotated leadership. We sang and studied the Bible in English, Arabic, and French. The participants came from Berber, Arab, French, Spanish, Scottish, and American backgrounds. We even collected an offering for the poor. We thought we had planted a truly multi-cultural New Testament house church.

How to Start a House Church PDF Print Write e-mail
Friday, 12 December 2008 03:11
faces20.jpg-Five ideas to keep in mind when you're planting something new

House churches are not organizations that require people with administrative skills or immense giftedness to coordinate and direct a group—they simply call for ordinary people who are in love with Jesus. Neil Cole, in Cultivating a Life for God, believes that simplicity is the key to fulfilling the Great Commission. He says, "The more complex the process, the greater the giftedness needed to keep it going.'"
A Learning Journey in Slavic Church Planting PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 03 November 2008 14:54


Before you read these thoughts, there is one central thought which rises above all other thoughts:

In the triune God, there is seen divine life, divine fellowship, and divine purpose.  There is a fellowship of mutual love, mutual dependence, mutual honor, mutual submission, mutual dwelling, and mutual purpose.
Out-of-control Order PDF Print Write e-mail
Saturday, 15 March 2008 00:21

 Is structure a bad word in organic church? Can systems be organic or are they only institutional? How do you organize a decentralized, rapidly expanding, spontaneous multiplication movement without killing it in the process?

Perhaps the real question is this: can we be out of control and still have order? I believe the answer is yes. We can have order in chaos and structure without control, but it must come in a different pattern than what we are accustomed to and emerge from a very different foundation.

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