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Encouraging Divine Knowledge
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Encouraging Divine Knowledge 11 г., 3 мес. назад Репутация: 1
Where I work the people have taken to many parts of the Organic Church model outlined in Neil Cole's book. However somethngs they just don't.

For instance even the most Biblically learned do not rely direclty on God's word they instead rely on their opinion of God's word. For instance a group of pastors and I were discussing what Biblical positions some churches would hold and none of them ever referred to the Bible they simply gave their opinions. When they got to me they didn't ask my opinion they asked what the Bible said. That experience was weird.

To their credit if the Biblical evidence ran against their opinion they changed their opinion but they should have not needed me to do that.

On the the other side of things the language of the people I work with is very unique and there are few books in the language and then people have read almost all those books by the time they are done in school. So they have no literary culture. So when you ask them to read scripture repeatively or read a lot of it they have immense trouble with follow through. Many of them also don't really remember what they read in the Bible they prefer to go off of preaching.

This also runs into trouble if you tell a group of beleivers they don't need a well trained preacher but instead can discuss the Bbile themselves. The Bible is for preaching not for discussion.

Anyone have similar experiences? Have any suggestions? If their is interest I will gladly share some of the steps I am taking to tackle these problems but I am happy to get any opinions or suggestions you may have.

Walking in the Light.
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