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leadership 11 г., 1 мес. назад Репутация: 1
We spend a lot of time talking about models for organic/simple churches. However, I can't find much on this site where we discuss Church/church governance. Now, I am not talking about administrative models, but more of the system of authority God ordains; sort of like what is described throughout the "pastoral epistles." For example, there seems to a model that shows up in early Israel and in the early church where there is a distributed hierarchy. That is, a local elder tries to resolve a problem, and if they cannot they appeal to some sort of elder-elder, and so on. Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc. all have their own models.

I think there's some "wiggle room" on how a simple church thinks it should go about dealing w/ these issues. That said, I also think we'd all benefit from a discussion thereof.

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