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All-Ukraine Forum “Hearing the voices of HIV/AIDS,
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Сообщения темы: All-Ukraine Forum “Hearing the voices of HIV/AIDS,
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All-Ukraine Forum “Hearing the voices of HIV/AIDS, 10 г., 11 мес. назад Репутация: 0
All-Ukraine Forum “Hearing the voices of HIV/AIDS, Finding Our Own”
An interconfessional gathering of Christians with the participation of national and international specialists in the spheres of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support of and advocacy for People Living with HIV and AIDS

November 8-10, 2007
Sanatoria “Zhuravushka,”
Pukhova village,
Kiev oblast
Plenary Speakers Include:
Patrick Dixon (ACET – Great Britain)
Deborah Dortzbach (World Relief – Africa / Asia)
Rachel Martin (TouchGlobal – Congo)
Elena Starosvetskaya (АСЕТ - Ukraine)
Representatives of the National Academy of Science, Ukraine and other organizations
Whom to contact:
Please fill out the attached registration form and send it to by October 1.
Questions? Contact Masha Chykina: 8-063-848-49-05 (
Cost: 150 UAH – for those who register before October 15, 2007.

Themes of sessions and seminars:
Fundamental facts and current news
Support and care for PLW
Antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Rehabilitation Centers
Youth ministry

Have you heard the news? …* «the HIV/AIDS epidemic is swiftly moving out of the traditional “at-risk groups”... at the current moment the epidemic can threaten every citizen of Ukraine...» «the actual number of HIV-positive persons in Ukraine at the current moment is around 400 thousand... the majority of which do not know that they carry the virus...» «42 thousand children may become completely orphaned, both parents having died of AIDS; children who will lose one of their parents to AIDS could number from 105-169 thousand. ...» «75% of all HIV-positive persons will be young people from 20 to 34 years of age, half of whom will be women...» «it is forecasted that the number of HIV-positive persons in Ukraine will double to 820 thousand by the year 2014...» «by 2014 the daily death toll from AIDS could exceed 140 persons...» This means that the AIDS epidemic will be an unavoidable reality for practically EVERY church in Ukraine… Are you ready? *Data from research by the World Bank, reported on the site of on July 12, 2007. The question is not will the church respond to the AIDS crisis… the only question is how. People who are struggling with this crisis acknowledge that the biggest need is for informed and mobilized participants. People in our churches – potential participants in this struggle – often do not know where to begin or how they can make a real difference.
This Forum will assemble people from these groups, in order to inform, inspired and mobilize Christians of various confessions and their local communities about this crisis which touches every church and every believer. It will provide a unique opportunity for a substantial broadening of the positive influence of the Christian message in our society.
This crisis speaks loudly to us about how we should be reflecting the heart and mission of God in our world... if we would only hear it. Having heard it, the question comes back to us, with what voice will we respond – the voice of passivity, of fear, of unconcern? Or the voice of concrete and direct action which brings hope, reconciliation and grace and the truth and love of God to our society?<br /><br />Содержимое поста отредактировано: JesusFollower, в: 02.10.2007 16:10
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