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News from the Conference
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News from the Conference 10 г., 10 мес. назад Репутация: 0
Thanks to all of you who prayed for our conference. It was a wonderful time.
For many people the thoughts and discussion at the conference were surprising.Many expected to hear about a model of ministry, but as Ed kept sharing-this is not a model, it is a mindset. It is about learning to walk with Jesus in simple faith. It is not about "how to do church", but being His Body-simply following Him in obedience.

I think people were also surprised to learn how God is working all over the world through very simple expressions of His body. At the end of the conference, we gathered to talk about next steps. It was encouraging to hear about those who will start reaching out in a new place, or who will start meeting with a few people as a simple church. On the Russian side of the site, one brother Andre just wrote that he and his family will gather with others as a simple church tomorrow for the first time.

I enjoyed meeting people from other places-particularly those I talked with from Armenia and Kazakstan. It is great to see and hear how God is working all over the world.
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