3 question study

Editors Note: Around the world, people are using this very simple approach to studying the Bible with unbelievers and believers alike. It is proving to be very fruitful because it helps people see how God can open their heart and help them discover truth, it does not depend on a gifted teacher, it highlights the importance of obedience, and it is simple and reproducible. If you would like a more in-depth understanding of how this approach can be used, check out this link- //simplechurch.com.ua/en/resursy/e-books-and-other-written-material/325-gruppy-posika-iisusa.html
3 question study

One of the best ways to help people discover and respond to God is

to ask them simple questions in response to hearing or reading a Bible passage.

There are three questions that can turn even the mention of a Bible verse into a meaningful discovery experience.

Here are the questions of a 3 question study

1. What does this passage say about God?

Simply asking this question underscores two important truths: God is the most important reality, and people can learn about him directly from the Bible.

2. What does this passage say about people?

This question highlights two more truths: the Bible is relevant to every person, and every person needs the Bible's perspective to more completely understand who they are.

3. If what this passage says is true, what is one thing you will do?

Asking this question points to two final truths: the Bible calls us to obedience, and it is only God who can convince people of the Bible's authority.

ur turn:

Think of a non-Christian with whom you could imagine doing a 3 question study; what is their name?
What passage or verse would you use in a 3 question study with him or her, and how would you begin?
How can you hold yourself accountable to leading a 3 question study with that person?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation

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